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CSM RO Membrane 80 GPD + Membrane Housing

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  • CSM RO membranes are considered an excellent choice for feed water with TDS > 1200
  • 11-Layered High Quality TFC Polyamide Membrane
  • Use NF Membranes for purifying water with TDS < 1200
  • As per WHO, ideal drinking water should have TDS between 100 to 300 ppm and pH between 6.5 to 8. Using NF/RO membranes as per your supply water TDS ensures you always drink the right quality of water.
  • For best results: Select the membrane as per the supply water TDS
  • Service life of membrane is 14000+ litres subject to usage of good quality inline filters and right supply water quality.
  • Package Includes: Membrane + Membrane Housing + Complete Self Installation Kit

Technical Specifications

Brand Name



14000.00 liters

Item Weight

225 grams

Included Components

One CSM RO Membrane, Two 1/8" Elbow Connector, Teflon Tape, Flow Restrictor (FR 450), Membrane Housing with Double O Ring, One 1/4" Elbow Connector

Polyamide + Polysulfone Layered Membrane, Food Safe Plastic
Model Number Peore CSM RO Membrane
Number of Items
Special Features CSM RO membrane effectively removes hardness, heavy metals, fluorides, chlorine and all microbes. It is recommended for areas with high TDS supply water (> 1200).
External Testing Certification Technology by Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC)