Peore Water purifier retains Essential minerals best water purifier for home in India available online

Retains Essential Minerals

In contrast to RO membranes, Peore's Nanofiltration membranes are designed to handle a variety of supply water quality conditions, removing all harmful impurities while conserving minerals and micronutrients. This means there is no need for mineral cartridges or TDS adjusters.

Peore Water purifier saves water best water purifier for home in India available online

Saves Water

Peore has one of the highest water recovery rates in India, with rejection as low as 500 ml for every 1 L of purified water. By switching to Peore, you can save up to 10,000 litres of water each year and help the environment.

nf+uv water purifier

Tailormade for you

Existing RO water purifiers do not provide you with healthy and mineral rich water  because RO purification isn’t suitable for all types of water sources. Peore's nanofiltration membranes can be configured based on your raw water supply, providing you with natural spring water.

The power of Tru-UV

Peore's Tru-UV technology features an 85% high reflectivity chamber, in which water passes through quartz glass to maximize UV exposure. Coupled with a Philips 11W High-intensity UV-C light bulb, our UV filter deactivates bacteria, viruses, and all other microorganisms.