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Initially I was so confused about selecting the purifier however after much analysis I narrowed down to this one and what a great choice. Starting from product till customer service everything is immaculate. The quality of the water is amazing even the taste and their after sales service is just icing on the cake.

Ramesh K V, Chennai

Everyone is buying RO water purifiers which is not good for health. The TDS for RO goes below 100 which is not recommended. After a lot of research, i landed at this product. I use water with TDS 600+ and this purifier reduces it to ~150 which is decent. Have bought 3 of these until now, one for myself and two for my relatives. Has been a good experience till now.

Anil Kumar, Bangalore

While searching for the best water purifier, came across Peore. Went through the product specifications and latest technology being used in their water purifiers. Finally, decided to get one from Peore. Their support team is smart and very helpful starting from product enquiry, placing order and installation. Thanks Peore team and best wishes!

Dr karthikyan, Bangalore

Wonderful machine.. value for money and best in the market, coustomer service in too good.. installation also very good installed next day and no AMC, Pre filter, installation charges it's completely free.. over all very satisfied and giving 5🌟
All the best team and continue your wonderful service

Raja, Hyderabad

Great experience with Peore . They have done a great job and good costumer service. Really recommended. Good water taste and I personally have done good research on their product. It is really good for health and successfully product in market.

Sri Vidya, Chennai

Recently purchased Peore pro plus NF-60 model. Everything was perfect. As soon as request for installation was raised the person was allocated. Installation was very smooth. He explained about the product, usage, maintenance clearly. Water tastes good. It removed almost 70% of TDS of my raw water. Definitely worth the purchase.

Anubhav, Hyderabad

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70% households in India do not need an RO Purifiers

RO gives Demineralised Water

Using an RO purifier with a TDS level below 1500 can result in demineralized water which can affect your health over long term like weaker bones, cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy disorders, etc

Healthy TDS is 100-300

The WHO recommends a healthy TDS range of 100 to 300 for drinking water.

Upto 3x Water Wastage

RO purifiers wastes approx 3-3.5L of
water for every liter of water purified.

High Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of RO purifiers can be anywhere between 4-7k per annum

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Nanofiltration is the optimal choice for mineral-rich and healthy water, effectively removing impurities from water with a TDS level of up to 1500.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to select the right water purifier for myself?

Follow these steps to choose the right purifier for your home:

1. Know the source of your water. Is it Municipal water, Borewell water or mixed water?
2. Check the TDS of your water. You can measure it with a TDS meter or with the help of any RO technician in your area.
3. Factor in the fluctuations in the TDS reading. In monsoons, the TDS might be lower, while in summer, you might be getting more borewell water mixed. These fluctuations are usually within +-100 range.
4. Choose the model as per our TDS recommendation chart.

Is NF suitable for Borewell or Tanker Water?

Yes, Nano Filtration (NF) is suitable for borewell water as well. For TDS between 200-1500, NF is the best filtration technology to go for.

Is service available in my area?

We have authorized service centers in 11 cities and over 2200 service partners across India. Usually, our service is available in most urban areas. In case you live in the outskirts of a town or a rural area, kindly check with us for service availability. You can reach us via or +91-8310459054.

Is Installation Free?

Yes, Installation is free of cost. In case, you live in a rural or remote area, some distance charges might be added. 
How many services are free in a year?
We are providing 1 year free service on Eco, Pro and Pro Plus model in which 3 visits are free while in the Neo model, 3 year of service is free.

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